# dcz's projects

My name is Dorota and I'm dealing with software: sometimes contributing to existing Free Software projects, sometimes experimenting with new ideas, other times making sure the forest is not lost for the trees.

## My recent projects

The **Polish translation** of the brilliant interactive **guide to COVID-19**.

Ensuring the long term stability of the German **Effective Altruism** community.

Improving the **Wayland** ecosystem around **text input**. I've designed and implemented the new virtual-keyboard, and new versions of text-input and input-method protocols as part of my work for Purism. The ecosystem work is ongoing.

A mobile **on-screen keyboard** called Squeekboard, sitting on the intersection of Wayland, GTK, and Rust. Also for Purism.

## Contact

For any questions regarding my work, preferably use the email address from the git commit. Otherwise, use the following email address, after filling in the punctuation: fosico [dot] dcz [at] porcupinefactory [dot] org .

dcz's projects

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